At present, since 2014, Elderberry is under the 501(c)3 umbrella of Subud USA and is, therefore, considered a nonprofit organization. Elderberry, as a Susila Dharma project, receives its funding from a Susila Dharma grant determined by them on a yearly basis. Vouchers are sent in to Mardiyah to be verified and on to our Treasurer, Rosetta T. Narvaez, who sends them on SUBUD USA to be processed.

Here is a template of a voucher to be filled out by a volunteer if the latter needs reimbursement for extra hours devoted to setting up social services for an elder, extra car mileage to a gathering or Congress, or any other unusual expense beyond what the volunteer has expected to incur.

There are always exceptions and a volunteer should feel free to fill out a voucher when there is a need.

Download the Voucher for Volunteers


Download the Voucher for Elders

These are to be sent to Mardiyah Tarantino, or to
68810 Risueno Rd
Cathedral City,
CA  92234