Subud Elders sitting in circle

Marilyn Shirk, team member, and Mardiyah Tarantino, Founder, give an overview of Elderberry to Portland members December, 2015


Elderberry is made up of a Board of Directors still in its formation, each representing a region of Subud USA. Because of the size of each region, more than one Board Member is often needed.

Mardiyah Tarantino, Founder and Provisional Chair

Margarite Charney, Assistant,

Rosetta T. Narvaez, Treasurer

These Board Members include:

  • Subud California Region, Hamidatun Karapetian
  • Subud Rocky Mountains, Laurie Lathrop
  • Subud East Coast, Roseanna Ovington,  Stefen Solat
  • Subud Midwest, Rohana Broadnax, David McCormack assisting
  • Subud Pacific Northwest, Leonard Dixon, Margarite Charney
  • Subud South, Non-board contributing members
  • Subud Pacific Islands, No board members as of this date