Elderberry News

What with all these Congresses and gatherings coming up, we’d like to remind you that Elderberry has funds to:

  • Help Elders and Pioneers get to Congresses under their own steam, by offering financial help.
  • Help Volunteers with their expenses in facilitating Elders to attend Congresses.

Please either contact your Elderberry Regional Rep, or send in a voucher (see Elderberry website) to Mardiyah Tarantino

68810 Risueno Rd, Cathedral City CA 92234

mardiyahat@gmail.com Ph 760-778-5371


Mardiyah now has a new assistant, Margarite Charney. We are always in need of additional help and suggestions from those who are familiar with the project.  Please keep in touch with us!   mardiyahat@gmail.com



“Elderberry”, or The Elderberry Program was created as a result of Ibu Rahayu’s message to Susila Dharma: “It is my hope that Susila Dharma take care of the spiritual needs of the elder Subud members in the United States.
With this came the realization that as our population ages, many lose contact with Subud groups and members at a time in their lives when that contact is most needed.

Where are our Pioneers?


The Elderberry Program seeks to assure that no Subud elder, or ‘Pioneer’ (targeted but not limited to 75+) be lost track of or abandoned by the Subud Community.
Elderberry pledges that in so far as possible the whereabouts of elders, long time or recent, be accounted for and their spiritual and practical needs taken care of as each case presents itself.


ALL Subud members are encouraged to help in the search for elder members not in the loop. Thank you! – MT for Elderberry.