Upon receiving Ibu Rahayu’s letter in 2013, in which she said that it was her hope that Susila Dharma would take care of the elderly in Subud USA, we Board Members of Susila Dharma began by forming a team consisting of a few of us interested in exploring this need which, admittedly, has not been a priority in Subud USA history. Since Subud USA’s inception in the 1950s, the Pioneers, as David calls them, and newer Elders, are more than ever in need of assistance, as they find it harder to attend a group or to even come in contact with other Subud members.

Our original team consisted of Marilyn Schirk, Rachael Knotz, Mardiyah Tarantino and soon included Rosetta T. Narvaez. Rosetta presented Subud USA with a Memorandum of Agreement stating that Subud USA would agree to umbrella the Elderberry Program within its organizational structure under its 501(c)3. Rosetta, now Treasurer of Elderberry, went on to include the specifications of this agreement (see ‘Funding’) and is in charge of the books, records and vouchers to be reimbursed by Subud USA.

Eventually it was decided that a Board of Directors would be formed to represent all of the Subud regions in the US in an attempt to reach out to these Subud Elders.

Elderberry’s  Interim Chair, David, MacCormack,  has since stepped down and Margarite Charney has become Mardiyah’s new Assistant.